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Has Your Community Applied for a Build with Bags Grant Yet?
Has Your Community Applied for a Build with Bags Grant Yet?
February 3, 2014
Written By: Michelle Hurd


Has Your Community Applied for a Build with Bags Grant Yet?
Deadline to Apply Is March 30, 2014
Now is the time to encourage the parks and schools in your community to apply for a Build with Bags grant. Grocers care about the environment and we express this care and concern through programs like the Iowa Grocery Industry Association's Build with Bags grant program.
After four years, the Build with Bags recycling grant program has donated $153,676.71 to more than 100 schools and parks across the state and kept hundreds of thousands of plastic bags out of landfills.
The idea is to use the money from the Build with Bags grants to increase plastic bag recycling efforts throughout Iowa and it’s working.
The program takes an innovative approach to encourage individuals to recycle their plastic bags so those bags can be turned into products that beautify our communities. It gives Iowans a firsthand look at what happens to their plastic bags when they are recycled and demonstrates grocers' commitment to the environment. Our members feel strongly that everybody wins when we recycle. Members also play an instrumental role in securing the Build with Bags grants for their communities through letters of endorsement and by being drop-off sites for plastic bag to be returned.
Grant applicants must obtain an endorsement letter from a local grocer who is supportive of the community’s project and recycling plans.

Apply Today!



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